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fixing off-line documentation creation
1 sng 49 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
2     <html>
3     <head>
4     <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="http://clonezilla-sysresccd.hellug.gr/clonezilla-sysresccd.rss">
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6 sng 52 <title>Clonezilla-SysRescCD - Offline Documentation: Restoring data</title>
7 sng 49 <style type="text/css">
8     body { font-family: Arial, 'sans serif'; color: black; font-size: 12pt; background : url(null) fixed no-repeat; background-color: #333333; padding: 0; margin: 0; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; }
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70     <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="multiboot Multi Boot bootable cd rescue clonezilla sysresccd backup restore samba">
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75     <body>
76     <div id="header">
77     <H2>Clonezilla-SysRescCD</H2>
78 sng 52 <H3>Offline Documentation: Restoring data</H3>
79 sng 49 <div style="margin:0; padding: 3px; width: 980; position relative;">
80 sng 112 <div style="position: absolute; left: 0px;"><H4>15/09/2010 - v 3.1.0</H4></div>
81     <div style="position: absolute; right: 0px;"><H4>Last update: 15/09/2010</H4></div>
82 sng 49 </div>
83     </div>
84     <div id="linkline">
87     <!-- <a href="features.html">Features</a>-->
88 sng 52 <a class="here" href="../README.html">Offline Documentation</a>
89 sng 112 <a href="download.html">Download</a>
90 sng 49
94     <!-- docline-top-->
95     <div id="docline-top"> <a href="backup-smb.html">&lt; PREV</a> <a href="../README.html">UP</a> <a href="restore.html">NEXT &gt;</a> </div>
96     </div>
97     <div id="contarea">
98     <div id="content">
99 sng 77 <a name="restore-top"></a>
101     <!-- Intro -->
103     <H2 style="margin-top: 0;"><a name="restore-intro"></a>Intro <span class="hideprint">[<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</span></H2>
104     <!-- empty line -->
105     <p>Image files are always created for one purpose: restoring the data they contain. Images can be, for example, a backup solution: as long as hardware works, the computer can be restored to the state it was when creating the image. Another usage scenario is changing the hard drive: files can be copy-pasted from the old drive to the new, but that method doesn't make the new drive bootable. Disk images do.</p>
107     <p>This page contains a demonstration of the latter case. On the <a href="backup.html">Getting backups</a> page, a 500 MB virtual disk containing 160 megabytes of data was copied to a 2 GB virtual disk which was empty. Now the 500 MB disk is changed to an empty 2 GB disk (still virtual) and I'll restore the data to that disk.</p>
109     <p>When creating a disk image, one needs to check that both the source and target partitions are error free. That's not required when the image is restored, because restoration process can't damage the disk image. Note, however, that restoring an image erases all the data in the target disk/partition.</p>
111     <p>You also need to check the BIOS settings to be able to boot from <b>Clonezilla-SysRescCD</b>. Some BIOSes contain a boot menu, others require editing settings pernamently. Details can be found on the manual of the motherboard or laptop.</p>
113     <p>Now let's boot.</p>
115     <div align="center"><table class="note" border="0" cellpadding="20"><tr><td valign="top"><img src="images/important.png"></td><td>
116     Restore process erases all the data on the target disk/partition.<br><br>Before restoring make sure you have backup of all the data<br> on the target disk/partition, even if the filesystem is corrupted.
117     </td></tr></table></div>
118     <div align="center"><table class="note" border="0" cellpadding="20"><tr><td valign="top"><img src="images/info.png"></td><td>
119 sng 112 The following pressentation has been made using<br><b>Clonezilla Live v 1.2.5-35</b>
120 sng 77 </td></tr></table></div>
122     <!-- Restoration -->
123     <H2><a name="restore"></a>Restoring data <span class="hideprint">[<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</span></H2>
124     <!--empty line-->
125     <H3><a name="res-0"></a>Clonezilla-SysRescCD starting screen [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
126     <!-- empty line -->
127     <p>If you're fine with US keymap and English language (available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese [both simplified and traditional]) or don't mind editing the boot parameters, just select <b>Clonezilla Live</b> at the starting screen and press ENTER. When the system comes up, it will load the program that will preform the backup. After that continue from <a href="#res-4">this step</a>.</p>
129     <p>If you need to change these settings, select one of the available <b>Clonezilla Live</b> menu entries, and press <font color="Green"><b>TAB</b></font>. The current boot parameters will be displayed.</p>
131     <p>The default parameters for booting <b>Clonezilla Live</b> on a 1024x768 screen, are the following:</p>
133     <p class="newcode">append initrd=/live/initrd1.img boot=live union=aufs<br>
134     &nbsp;&nbsp;ocs_live_run="ocs-live-general" ocs_live_extra_param=""<br>
135     &nbsp;&nbsp;ocs_prerun="/live/image/restorecd/prerun.normal" ocs_live_batch="no"<br>
136     &nbsp;&nbsp;ocs_lang="<font color="Red">en_US.UTF-8</font>" ocs_live_keymap="<font color="Red">NONE</font>" vga=791 nolocales</p>
138     <p>By deleting the words in red, you instruct <b>Clonezilla Live</b> to ask you the values of these parameters. When the appropriate changes have been done (as shown bellow), just press <font color="Green"><b>ENTER</b></font> to boot.</p>
140     <p class="newcode">append initrd=/live/initrd1.img boot=live union=aufs<br>
141     &nbsp;&nbsp;ocs_live_run="ocs-live-general" ocs_live_extra_param=""<br>
142     &nbsp;&nbsp;ocs_prerun="/live/image/restorecd/prerun.normal" ocs_live_batch="no"<br>
143     &nbsp;&nbsp;ocs_lang="" ocs_live_keymap="" vga=791 nolocales</p>
144     </p>
145     <!--empty line-->
146     <H3><a name="res-1"></a>Screen "Choose Language" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
147     <!--empty line-->
148 sng 49 <p><img src="images/backup-00.png"><br>
149 sng 77 I select "<font color="Red"><b>en_US.UTF-8 English</b></font>" and press ENTER.</p>
150     <!--empty line-->
151     <H3><a name="res-2"></a>Screen "Configuring console-data" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
152     <!--empty line-->
153 sng 49 <p><img src="images/backup-01.png"><br>
154 sng 77 I select "<font color="Red"><b>Select keymap from full list</b></font>" and press ENTER. If you're using US keymap, the default option "<font color="Red"><b>Don't touch keymap</b></font>" is a better choice.</p>
155     <!--empty line-->
156     <H3><a name="res-3"></a>Screen "Configuring console-data" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
157     <!--empty line-->
158 sng 49 <p><img src="images/backup-02.png"><br>
159 sng 77 Because I haven't changed my keyboard, I select "<font color="Red"><b>pc / qwerty / Finnish / Standard / Standard</b></font>". Because you most likely use a different keyboard, choose the one you use.</p>
160     <!--empty line-->
161     <H3><a name="res-4"></a>Screen "Start Clonezilla" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
162     <!--empty line-->
163 sng 49 <p><img src="images/backup-03.png"><br>
164 sng 77 I select "<font color="Red"><b>Start Clonezilla</b></font>" and press ENTER.
165     </p>
166     <!--empty line-->
167     <H3><a name="res-5"></a>Screen "Clonezilla" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
168     <!--empty line-->
169 sng 49 <p><img src="images/backup-04.png"><br>
170 sng 77 I select "<font color="Red"><b>device-image</b></font>" and press ENTER.<br> <br>
171     </p>
172     <!--empty line-->
173     <H3><a name="res-6"></a>Screen "Mount clonezilla image directory" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
174     <!--empty line-->
175     <p>In this screen I can select the way the image file directory has been saved.
176     Available options are local directory, remote directory through <b>ssh</b>, <b>samba</b> or <b>nfs</b> and <b>skip</b>, to use the previously used directory. More info about the image file can be found at section "<a href="clonezilla.html#about">About the Image file</a>".<br>
177     <br>
178 sng 49 <img src="images/backup-05.png"><br>
179 sng 77 I select "<font color="Red"><b>local_dev</b></font>" and press ENTER.
180     </p>
181     <!--empty line-->
182     <H3><a name="res-7"></a>Next screen [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
183     <!--empty line-->
184     <p>This is where I choose the location of the image file.<br><br>
185 sng 49 <img src="images/restoration-06.png"><br>
186 sng 77 I select partition <font color="Red"><b>sda1</b></font> and press ENTER.<br>
187     <br>
188     <img src="images/backup-07.png"><br>and then ENTER again.</p>
190 sng 49 <p><img src="images/restoration-08.png"><br>
191 sng 77 This screen displays the mounting result.<br>
192     As we can see, <font color="Red"><b>/dev/sda1</b></font> has been successfully mounted under <b>/tmp/local-dev</b>.</p>
193     <!--empty line-->
194     <H3><a name="res-7a"></a>Next Screen [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
195     <!--empty line-->
196 sng 49 <p><img src="images/backup-09.png"><br>
197 sng 77 I select <font color="Red"><b>Beginer mode</b></font> to accept the default restore options. If you select <font color="Red"><b>Expert mode</b></font>, you can choose the options yourself. More details can be found <a href="clonezilla.html#restore-options" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
198     <!--empty line-->
199     <H3><a name="res-8"></a>Screen "Select mode" [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
200     <!--empty line-->
201     <p>Here I can select the desired operation.<br>
202     <br>
203 sng 49 <img src="images/restoration-10.png"><br>
204 sng 77 I select "<font color="Red"><b>restoredisk</b></font>" and press ENTER.<br> <br></p>
205     <!--empty-line-->
206     <H3><a name="res-9"></a>Next Screen [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
207     <!--empty line-->
208 sng 49 <p><img src="images/restoration-11.png"><br>
209 sng 77 In this screen I select the image folder. This partition contains only one image.</p>
210     <!--empty line-->
211     <H3><a name="res-10"></a>Next Screen [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
212     <!--empty line-->
213 sng 49 <p><img src="images/restoration-12.png"><br>
214 sng 77 Finally I am asked to select which partition the image will be restored to. After double-checking the disk doesn't contain anything important, I press ENTER.</p>
215     <!--empty line-->
216     <H3><a name="res-11"></a>Starting the restoration [<a href="#restore-top" title="go to top of the page">^</a>]</H3>
217     <!--empty line-->
218 sng 49 <p><img src="images/restoration-13.png"><br>
219 sng 77 Then the program will display the command that will be executed and will ask me to press ENTER. <br>
220 sng 49 Then I will be asked to confirm the operation by pressing <font color="Red"><b>y</b></font> and ENTER.<br>
221     <!--empty line-->
222     <img src="images/restoration-14.png"><br>
223 sng 77 <!--empty line-->
224     <div align="center"><table class="note" border="0" cellpadding="20"><tr><td valign="top"><img src="images/important.png"></td><td>
225     <b>This is the last confirmation Clonezilla Live asks.<br>After this step there is no coming back.</b><br></td></tr></table></div>
226     Then my confirmation is asked one last time. After checking one more time the disk doesn't contain any important data, I press <font color="Red"><b>y</b></font> and ENTER.<br>
227     <br>
228 sng 49 <img src="images/restoration-15.png"><br>
229 sng 77 After that, the restore process begins
230     <br>
231     <br>
232     <img src="images/restoration-16.png"><br>
233     and when it's successfully completed, I press ENTER to get to the shell. Then, I execute the commands:</p>
234     <p class="newcode">sudo su -<br>
235     cd<br>
236     umount -a<br>
237     reboot<br><br></p>
238 sng 49
239 sng 77 <p>to reboot the system.</p>
240 sng 49
241 sng 77
244 sng 49 </div>
247     <!--<a name="template-top"></a>-->
249     <div id="footer">
250     <div id="docline-bottom"> <a href="backup-smb.html">&lt; PREV</a> <a href="../README.html">UP</a> <a href="restore.html">NEXT &gt;</a> </div>
251     <p>Copyright: &#169; <a href="mailto:&#115;&#110;&#103;&#064;&#104;&#101;&#108;&#108;&#117;&#103;&#046;&#103;&#114;?subject=About Clonezilla-SysRescCD v 3.1.0">Spiros Georgaras</a>, 2007-2010<br /><br/>
252     Hosted by <a href="http://www.hellug.gr" target="_blank" title="Hellenic Linux User Group">HEL.L.U.G.</a></p>
253     </div>
254     </div>
255     </body>
256     </html>

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