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Wed May 19 15:03:43 2010 UTC (11 years, 6 months ago) by sng
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1 sng 45 Documentation manipulation scripts for Clonezilla-SysRescCD
2     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4     The scripts contained in this directory are used to update / create the
5     documentation of Clonezilla-SysRescCD. The docs are actually written / updated
6     within the working/ directory and then the scripts put them together in the
7     www/ directory. A simplified version of the html docs is created in the 2doc/
8     directory, for off-line browsing. At the same time a text only version of this
9     documentation is created in the same directory.
11     These scripts are:
13     a. update-boot-params
14     Updates documentation embedded in page boot-params.html. This page contains
15     as-is content coming from the original project pages (Clonezilla and
16     SystemRescueCD)
18     b. 2site
19     This script creates the actual online html documentation pages. It also creates
20     the off-line docs, using scripts html2txt and html2html
22     It takes each html (and php) page from the working/ directory and modifies it
23     using some tamplate files, and then creates the TOC file (doc.html)
25     If you want to change the header, footer and appearence of the pages, you
26     should edit the template files: .404.html, .news.php and .template.html,
27     located in the working/ directory.
29     c. html2html
30     ===== NOT PROVIDED YET ====
32     d. html2txt
33     Creates a file called README.txt in directory 2doc/, containing a text-only
34     version of the project's docs. This file contains a limited number of the
35     original (on-line) pages.


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