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Wed Sep 25 07:33:35 2002 UTC (19 years, 1 month ago) by nmav
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Renamed Boas/SMP to Hydra.

1 nmav 1.3 This is Hydra, a modification of Boa, which supports multiple threads of
2     execution. Boa is a high performance web server for Unix-alike computers,
3     covered by the Gnu General Public License. This modification is based on
4     Boa version 0.94.13, and is currently of alpha quality.
5 nmav 1.1
6 nmav 1.3 Why Hydra? Well, Hydra is a many headed serpent in Greek Mythology, and
7     seemed to resemble fine a multi-threaded Boa. An interesting feature of
8     Hydra is that head, when cut off was replaced by two others. This was not
9     duplicated in Hydra's threads!
12     About Boa:
14     Boa was created in 1991 by Paul Phillips <paulp@go2net.com>. It is being
15 nmav 1.1 maintained and enhanced by Larry Doolittle <ldoolitt@boa.org>
16     and Jon Nelson <jnelson@boa.org>.
18     For more information (including installation instructions) examine
19     the file docs/boa.txt or docs/boa.dvi, point your web browser to docs/boa.html,
20     or visit the Boa homepage at
22     http://www.boa.org/

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