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Revision 1.26 - (show annotations)
Thu Feb 19 11:29:53 2004 UTC (16 years, 9 months ago) by lefcha
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.25: +6 -5 lines
Added versions of IMAP that are supported.

1 .Dd February 16, 2004
3 .Os
4 .Sh NAME
5 .Nm imapfilter
6 .Nd mail filter
8 .Nm
9 .Op Fl hkpqvV
10 .Op Fl c Ar configfile
11 .Op Fl d Ar interval
12 .Op Fl l Ar logfile
14 .Nm
15 is a mail filtering utility. It connects to remote mail servers using the
16 Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and processes messages based on the
17 definition of filter rules. It can be used to delete, copy, move, flag, etc.
18 messages residing in multiple mailboxes at different mail servers. The
19 IMAP4rev1 and IMAP4 versions of the protocol are supported.
20 .Pp
21 The options are as follows:
22 .Bl -tag -width Ds
23 .It Fl D
24 Debug mode; creates a temporary file name in
25 .Pa /tmp/imapfilter.XXXX ,
26 where debugging messages about the program's progress are printed.
27 .It Fl V
28 Displays program's version.
29 .It Fl c Ar configfile
30 Configuration file to read settings and filters from. The default is
31 .Pa $HOME/.imapfilterrc .
32 .It Fl d Ar interval
33 Runs imapfilter at daemon mode and repeatedly polls at the specified interval.
34 .It Fl k
35 Kills any other running instances of
36 .Nm
37 and removes the lockfile left from a past session.
38 .It Fl l Ar logfile
39 File that contains logs of error messages
40 .Nm
41 produces and optionally information about the deleted messages.
42 .It Fl p
43 Enters the interactive encrypted passwords editor.
44 .It Fl q
45 Quiet mode; prints less detailed information about the program's actions.
46 Multiple
47 .Fl q
48 options decrease the verbosity. The minimum is -2.
49 .It Fl v
50 Verbose mode; prints more detailed information about the program's actions.
51 Multiple
52 .Fl v
53 options increase the verbosity. The maximum is 2.
54 .El
55 .Pp
56 While running in daemon mode, if the SIGUSR1 signal is send,
57 .Nm
58 wakes up from its sleep phase and rereads its configuration file.
60 .Nm
61 supports the Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism (CRAM) for
62 user authentication. The authentication type associated with CRAM is
63 CRAM-MD5.
64 .Nm
65 will authenticate using CRAM-MD5, if the mail server supports this
66 authentication method, instead of plaintext password LOGIN.
67 .Pp
68 .Nm
69 supports encryption of the connection with the IMAP STARTTLS extension,
70 and will try to negotiate a TLS connection if the mail server supports it.
71 .Pp
72 .Nm
73 supports imaps (port 993) SSL/TLS connections. The user must manually enable
74 imaps SSL/TLS connections and specify the SSL/TLS protocol to be negotiated,
75 through
76 .Nm Ap s
77 configuration file.
79 .Nm
80 has the capability to encrypt the accounts' passwords and store them
81 separately at
82 .Pa $HOME/.imapfilter/passwords .
83 These passwords are encrypted with a master password, supplied by
84 the user. The Blowfish block cipher with a 128bit key in CBC mode
85 is used to do the encryption. The master password is entered each
86 time
87 .Nm
88 is run, in order to decrypt the password file and retrieve the
89 actual passwords of the user's IMAP mail accounts.
90 .Pp
91 First of all, while defining accounts in the
92 .Nm
93 configuration file, the user must specify only the username and server
94 in those accounts he/she wishes to encrypt the passwords before storage.
95 Then, one can enter the interactive passwords' editor by using the
96 .Fl p
97 option.
98 .Pp
99 After entering the interactive password editor, a command line prompt
100 is used to manage the passwords. The available commands are:
101 .Bl -tag -width Ds
102 .It Cm c
103 Clears a password from an account. It takes as an argument a
104 number, specifying which account's password should be cleared.
105 .It Cm e
106 Edits an account's password entry. It takes as an argument a
107 number, the account's password to be edited.
108 .It Cm h
109 Prints a brief help message of all commands.
110 .It Cm l
111 Lists all accounts. Specifically a number that describes the
112 account, the hostname of the IMAP mail server, the username
113 and the password (if one is already specified).
114 .It Cm p
115 Changes the master password, used to encrypt all other passwords.
116 .It Cm q
117 Quits the password editor without saving changes.
118 .It Cm w
119 Saves changes.
120 .It Cm x
121 Saves changes and exits the password editor.
122 .El
124 After
125 .Nm
126 reads the configuration file and creates all necessary data structures, it
127 starts by going through the list of accounts. It connects to the servers
128 specified, in the order they were defined in the configuration file with
129 the
130 .Ar account
131 keyword. It then goes through the list of mailboxes belonging to the server,
132 in the order they were defined in the configuration file with the
133 .Ar folder
134 keyword. For each mailbox it applies the filters that were specified for it,
135 in the order they were defined in the configuration file using the
136 .Ar job
137 keyword. This process continues until the last account, mailbox and filter.
139 .Bl -tag -width Ds
140 .It Ev HOME
141 User's home directory.
142 .El
143 .Sh FILES
144 .Bl -tag -width Ds
145 .It Pa $HOME/.imapfilterrc
146 Default configuration file.
147 .It Pa $HOME/.imapfilter/passwords
148 File where the encrypted passwords are stored.
149 .It Pa $HOME/.imapfilter/certificates
150 File where the SSL/TLS certificates are stored.
151 .It Pa $HOME/.imapfilter/lock
152 Lock file containing the PID of
153 .Nm .
154 .It Pa /tmp/imapfilter.XXXX
155 Debug file.
156 .El
157 .Sh SEE ALSO
158 .Xr imapfilterrc 5
160 .Bl -tag -width Ds
161 .It IMAP4rev1:
162 RFC 3501, RFC 2683, RFC 2595, RFC 2342, RFC 2195
163 .El
165 .An Lefteris Chatzibarbas Aq lefcha@hellug.gr

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